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Tala's Journey to Mommahood

pregnant shih tzu

Dear Fordy, 

It has been a long time since I wrote to you. I have been very busy in real life. Well, it is 2019 and I will need more time to write. You know, preparing myself for a stay-at-home life haha! Oh, i wish i am ready. 

So, our holidays were more on work and sleeping. We had work on Christmas eve and on New Year's eve? We slept after the dinner. Not much fun, indeed. Plus, it was raining, it was bed weather. I was better off sleeping, I needed tons of sleep. 

January 1

9am. Tala had a discharge and I panicked so I called Amie, a very nice neighbor who helps dogs give birth. She attended right away and told us Tala's labor has just started. So we got her prepped, cartons, towels, gloves, alcohol, thread for the umbilical cords, newspapers and tons of paper towels. I put Akira and Oreo outside and dimmed the lights. No kids allowed and only sound from the TV is allowed. I was watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. I was trying to help myself be prepared for the blood and everything about giving 

That is Oreo, the dad. He can't get anywhere near. 

8pm. I could see her in pain, writhing in so much pain that I cried with her. I asked your 

Here is Tala, writhing in pain but still not crying.

"Do we have a plan B just in case Tala can't get them out?" 
"They will get out. Just have faith."

And I cried again. Amie pacified me and made sure Tala is going to be okay. Caesarian section would be Php7500 at the least in Imperial Vet Clinic and I guess we are gonna have to break the piggy bank for that but it's okay. 

January 2

3am. Tala was rolling back and forth probably from too much pain and thank God the weather is cold otherwise we would be dripping wet from sweat because the fans are off. 

5:30am. Tala started to push. I cried. She was not crying but her face showed too much pain. Amie helped her by caressing her tummy downwards. 

And then it all started... 

So we got Kitkat, Nugget, Kisses, Twix, Coco and Hershey. 3 male and 3 female. Wow! They couldn't believe Tala could whelp that many, but she did and she delivered them all. 

However, Kisses did not make it. She had macroglossia where the tongue is huge, like a bowl, in her case, and she had hydrocephalus. The vet said, she may not make it and if she makes it in 24 hours, she will have difficulty in thriving. She crossed the rainbow bridge at 3pm. Again, I cried. And Ate Xaxa too.  

I thought it was going to be easy but it is not. I have been absent for work for two days now and I haven't had much sleep. I have to make sure the pups are fed by Tala and that do not go under her. So far, we are trying to do a good job on that. 

I will have to wait for 10 days till they open their eyes and they can see and then they can find their way to Tala's milk. For now, I will be their eyes. 

You must be wondering why I named them after chocolates?  Their dad is Oreo. 

Anyway, Kisses was for you. Are you playing now? 

I miss you, baby! Mommy loves you!

Love you forever,