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Gone Too Soon...

Dear Fordy,

August hit me hard because we lost two great family members, both to Big C. That really sucks, big time. I cried for Tita A and cried harder because Mama Luhdee is my second mom. 

Last August 3, I got a message from Kuya Lord that Mama Luhdee was taken back to the hospital and has gone too weak. I told him I'd come over and asked him to tell Mama I am coming. After work, we immediately head to Perpetual Help Medical Center in Las Pinas. There, I saw Mama, so pale and so weak. She was having blood transfusion. I went to her, hugged her tight and kissed her in her forehead. I told her how much i loved her and that she needs to hang on tight. She smiled and me and said, " Kaw, luto ka ng luto. Nagugutom ako lagi." I told her I will cook for her when she gets out of the hospital so better shape up and eat a lot. I was told she has not been eating reason why her hemoglobin count went down requiring blood transfusion. I bid her goodbye with a promise that I will visit her the following week and cook for her. 

The following week, I got a call from Tita A asking if I know of a priest who can give final rites to your Tito P. I was shocked, speechless for a time, my heartbeat racing fast. Tito P had Big C as well and that day he earned his wings. It was heartbreaking. 

A week after your Tito P's 9 days,  I got a call from your Tito Lord that Mama Luhdee was dying. I was on my way to work. I felt a lump in my throat and I could not stop crying. I wanted to go to her side and tell her how much I love her. I asked Kuya, "Hindi naman siya nahihirapan Kuya?" To which he responded, "She is". I cried harder. The woman who took care of me has lost her battle to Big C. I prayed that her battle ends with no pain, that she leaves us calmly. 

August gave me a heavy heart but that did not stop me from holding Fordy Gives Back Yr 2. In another letter, I will share how fun it was and we made a lot kids happy. 

I know Tito P and Mama are with you now. Hug them for me, please?  Tell them we miss them. 

And hug me, babe! I miss you! 

Love you forever,