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D4: Daniel Padilla Back at Araneta

D4: Daniel Padilla Back at Araneta

Dear Fordy,

Mom is every excited. I got tickets for D4: Daniel Padilla Back at Araneta concert this Saturday, October 13. I only got lower box tickets though because I was stupid checking SM Tickets and not Ticketnet, ugh. Anyway, I got us 6 tickets. Kuya Karlo and Ate Airish, Tita Nina and Tita Caitlin and of course Ate Bambam will be joining me. Your Dad and Ate Xaxa will be watching movies on that day. I think Gateway Cineplex has movie marathon for kids this Saturday. Hotel Transylvannia will be shown and Ate Xaxa is so excited because Mavis is her favorite next to Elsa. 

This is my second time watching him sing on stage. First was his Most Wanted Concert in MOA Arena back in 2015. Your dad asked me for a wedding gift and without batting an eyelash, I told him I wanted a ticket for Daniel's concert. And he willingly obliged, haha! 

I haven't watch a concert in Araneta Coliseum but I was told vantage point in MOA Arena is better even in general admission seats. When I watched Backstreet Boys concert,we were in GA and boy, it was all worth every cent! Well, I got lower box tickets and I hope my girls enjoy. Tita Nina and Tita Caitlin are so excited they have been planning what to wear since the day I told them i got them tix. It is going to be a date night for Kuya and Ate Airish and fangirl moment for me and Ate Bambam. 

One more sleep and I will see your twin again. Oh, have I told you I got your name from Daniel Padilla?  You know that, right? 

Smile for me babe, love you! 

Love you forever,