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Licensed To Drive, woohoo!

Dear Fordy, 

Today is a holiday in the US so your dad and I do not have work. Free time, yay! And this is the perfect time for me to get my driver's license. My student permit will expire on June 14 so I have to get a non-professional driver's license right away. 

We were supposed to go to Land Transportation Office - Las Pinas before 8:00am, but being the sleepy head that I am, I woke up at 9:00am. Great! I immediately prepped, shirt, walking shorts, sneakers. No slippers, said Mader. 

We got there at 10:30am, sun is high and I am sweating profusely. I got an application from the Information table then proceeded to the room for medical exam. I paid Php300 for them to get my height, weight (I am back to my weight when I gave birth to you, yay again!) and vision. 20-20, baby! I think Php 300 is too much. 

Then i was asked to proceed to Window 11 where I submitted the application form, my medical certificate and my student permit. I was then called for Window 17 for the photograph. Next, Window 19 where I paid Php 167 for the application fee and the computer fees. Php 67 pesos for the computer fees? I was then asked to wait for my name to be called for the examination. 

I sat at the waiting area at 1:00pm, my name was called at 3:00pm. I sat at the review room and watched a short video reviewer. I familiarized myself with the road signs posted on the wall. I overheard the LTO men instructing some to proceed to the practical test driving area and some to return after a month to retake the exam. I felt my heart jumped when I heard "failed".  Will I pass? I think so haha! 

I was called to the examination room at 4:00pm. I carefully shaded the circle and hoped that I pass the exam. I finished the exam in 15 minutes. Your dad asked me if I think I passed, I just smiled. I wasn't confident haha! After 15 more minutes, I was called again and was handed my paper, the man asked me to proceed to the test drive area. Woohoo, I passed! 

At the test drive area, I was asked if I drive a manual or an automatic car. I said, automatic. I was led to an old Hyundai Atoz car, which looks like 2 decades old. Never heard of the car model, really. Who drives an Atoz???  I hopped in the car, wore the seatbelt and did my best to impress the inspector. Man, the car does not have power steering! I felt like driving a 10-wheeler trailer truck. The signal lights are not working and the engine is soooo loud. I was supposed to test the manual car but I think the car is not friendly. If they would allow me to drive Gummy Bear, then it's okay. Anyway, I passed the test with flying colors and I was asked to proceed back to Window 19 for the biometrics which lasted for 10 more minutes. Photo, fingerprints, signature and data collection, done! Last window, 25! 

30 more minutes passed, and I got my license card, still hot from the printer! Six hours, no fixer, I made it! 

Here are my expenses: 

Php 167 - Application fee and computer fee
Php 300 - Medical exam fee
Php 250 - Test drive fee (cars) 
Php 753 - License fee

Total: Php 1470

Not to mention the more than Php500 that we spent on Mcdonald's for lunch and the refreshing pineapple palamig from manang

We finished the process at 5:30pm and your Dad said I will be the driver now. Huhuhu! I drove to Robinson's Las Pinas to get some grocery for your Mama'La then back to the house to get Oreo and Tala for their grooming session. So I had to drive again to the vet clinic but, the vet is not in! On a lighter note, I can rest earlier. Thank, God! 

So now, we are still here at Mama'la's place because we will have to wait for the heavy traffic to subside. We will probably leave at 11:00pm. 

Anyway, it's been a long but productive day. Tomorrow, we will go back to reality. We will make the most our of this holiday. 

Thank you, babe! I know you were with me earlier, wiping my sweat haha! I miss you and I love you! 

Love you always,