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New Chapter: Cavitena since birth, will be a Cavitena forever

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Dear Fordy, 

It has been a while since I wrote to you. Mommy has been very very busy with personal and legal matters. This house, included. 

We have been renting since your Papa'lo has died and paying at least Php10000 a month for a house that is not yours is not a joke. Php120000 in a year and we have been renting for the past 10 years! So when you were born, we decided  we are getting a house. But where? I have been used to living in Manila, plus it is near our work. 

There has been a lot of brainstorming and arguments on where to get a house. 

Bulacan? Nah. Flood. 
Laguna? Why not? My friends are there. Expensive toll fees not to mention the heavy traffic in SLEX. No.
Cavite? Pwede. I am a Batanguenang Cavitena. I have relatives from Bacoor to Tagaytay. We are all over Cavite. My Uncle just got a house in Tanza too! So yes, Cavite it is. 

We immediately contacted a broker, did the tripping, paid the downpayment and signed documents that are as thick as a Collier's encyclopedia. Hello, Springtown Southgate! It was acquired before you left us. I had a lot of plans. I got a corner lot because I needed a room for you downstairs because doctor said you cannot use stairs as your heart is weak. Now, your room will be a prayer room. 

We have been bringing our stuff to Tanza since two weeks ago. The moving truck is scheduled in 2 weeks so we are getting things done there as much as possible. Besides, I want your sisters to be used to the neighborhood before the school year. So far, they are enjoying it. Your kuya will stay in Taguig, rent a room for one more year till he is done with Grade 12. Your kuya by the way is the new team captain of their pep squad so he has to finish his studies in SVNHS.

Spending almost 3 weeks in Tanza is refreshing. Travel time is an hour going to work. Cool, right? It's the same travel time from Taguig to Mandaluyong haha! Only difference is we go thru 3 tollways which means Php135 one way. Whew! This is what we avoided in Laguna area, toll fees haha! Anyway, these is no traffic compared to Laguna so it is worth paying. 

Your dad and I starting dressing up the house and I always enjoy the weekly trip to All Home for curtains and some stuff. 

I also feel energized in Tanza. In Taguig, i am the laziest. When i get home from work, i would never get out of the room unless there is a Lazada delivery that I need to sign. As soon as i hit the bed, laziness sinks in. Here, everything changed. I started cooking again. Started to hold brooms and dustpans again. The domesticated mom in me came back! And now, i am here outside, watching people, watching stars and the moon and listening to the old neighbor who is now screaming and cursing while watching Insidious. And hey, he got a really nice speaker system to be fair. Sounds like a cinema. In Taguig, i hear curses from my neighbor who invites her kids for dinner, like, "P#tang*na di pa ba kayo kakain?!" That is every freakin' day! Thank God, i have brand new neighbors. Neighbor #1 is the old manong with good speaker system who either plays super old soul music or watch horror movie in full volume even other people from the neighboring phase can hear i think. Neighbor #2 is i think a newly wed couple, very nice, the jowa had a lil chitchat with them tonight. Neighbor #3 is the usual friendly one with sari sari store who'd give you unsolicited advice on where to enroll the kids in June. Neighbor #4 is the grama and grappa who have a really nice interior design i always wish their house is open so i can peek inside and maybe get a glimpse of its beauty. The other neighbors are soon to be befriended. 

Springtown Villas Tanza

By the way, cool summer breeze is blowing and this is what we do not have in Taguig. I love the province, really. Peace and quiet, except for the old manong who is screaming profanities right now because he said the protagonist in the movie he is watching is "tanga". Chill Manong, chill!

How I wish you are with me, Fordy. You'd enjoy running around the blocks with your sisters! I miss you! I will try to write as frequent as I can, promise.

Love always,