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#TeamLayaoEats: No calamansi, no straw and what??? Plastic bags for take out?!

Last night, we got home late because we had to bring Mommy home to Quezon City. She had a sprained ankle so she could hardly walk. Traffic was heavy in Katipunan starting from U.P. Town Center (they had a Black Friday sale) and we just want to go home so I told the husband and the kids that we just eat somewhere near home. 

We got home at 9PM. As much as I would like to cook, I couldn't, I was just too tired. I asked the kids if they want ramen and they did so we walked to the nearest ramen house, Yatai Yakitori. And bam! It was closed. WTH. Along the way, we passed by McDonald's, Kitchen Lab and Chowking. Alexa wanted McDonald's, the husband wanted Kitchen Lab and me, being the soup lover that I am, wanted Chowking. As usual, Xelynah wanted what her Dad does. After a while, we decided, Chowking it is. I won, yay! 

The husband ordered 3 sets of chicken lauriat, 1 big bola bola siopao, 1 order of beef siomai, 1 order of lumpiang shanghai, chao fan, beef noodles and had our drinks upgraded to pineapple juice. My girls wanted Halo Halo but they said they ran out of ingredients. Php1100 for dinner. I felt some kind of regret. I could buy 3 days of ulam with Php1100! But, what the heck, I was hungry and sleepy and I just want to eat. 

The ground floor was packed so we proceeded to the second floor. There were puddles of water in the stairs and there were rugs to keep them in place. Wow!  In the stairs. Really? I told the girls to be careful with their steps as there are water everywhere. The second floor is not that spacious. The couches were occupied. Tables are small. Not enough for our orders. Luckily, we found a 4-seater in the corner, near the AC unit. However, we were not really lucky as the husband slid and almost fell in the puddle of water when he pulled out the chair. Unbelievable! The crew ran to us with a mop and said the water is from the broken AC unit. 

So we sat down and waited for our food to be served. As usual, the Chinese style chicken is perfect, reason why I love Chowking. The soup was not hot though, but again, I was hungry. I noticed the food trays are new and clean. Sometime ago, I reported that their trays were dirty and literally yucky. 

When the siomai was served, I asked for chili sauce and calamansi. The crew came back with just chili sauce, said they ran out of calamansi. Ok. Fine.  I asked for toyomansi instead. But I was close to reminding them that the market is just across the road. Literal, may palengke sa tapat! He gave me 1 sachet. ONE SACHET for 1 order of beef siomai, siomai in the husband's chao fan, wanton in my beef noodles. Okay, I'll make it work. Then here comes the siopao. Alexa asked for the sauce, there was none. I asked the crew again for siopao sauce and he said, "HINDI PO BA KAYO BINIGYAN SA COUNTER?" I said no. My gahd. I wouldn't ask for one if we were given sauce at the counter. And it seems to me that he won't give me extra if the counter person had given me sauce. He came back with 1 siopao sauce. ONE. 7-11 does it better, they give 2

We enjoyed the meal and I asked them to hurry eating because I have to work on something. The husband decided that they just eat the rest at home so he called a crew again. He said, "Ma'am plastic lang po pag take out, may bayad pong P5 per box pag iba-box." I was like, "Seriously?!". He said yes again, it's Php5 per box. I got 4 items to take home so noooo, I am not gonna pay Php20. We also had my pineapple juice taken out and guess what, they had no straws hahaha! What a night! 

I am a patron of Chowking and I do not understand why they put it in boxes for delivery but not when taken out. And the price is the same! I saw the frustration in the husband's eyes. He said, "This is the last time we are eating in this branch. And if they will implement that Php5 per box for take out in all of their branches, we are never gonna eat at Chowking again." 

It's unbelievable that while the world is trying to save the earth by not using plastic bags, this branch uses plastic for to-go food. I spent Php1100, hello! 

So, Chowking C5 Housing branch, bye. Not going back. Ever.