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Finding Tala

Dear Fordy,

Three weeks ago, while we were in Las Pinas, I got a frantic call from your Kuya Karlo. He said, "Ma, nawawala si Tala". It was almost 9 in the evening and he said he has been looking for her for 2 hours already. I was worried, My Tala is lost for the second time. About two months ago, she went missing too but a neighbor kept her so we were able to get her back at 2am in the morning. I was crying so hard that time while at work and the officemates were looking at me like I was a crazy crybaby. 

I kept calling your Kuya every hour to check if there are any news. I sent messages to my friends and posted her picture on Facebook and shared it on every furparents group I am in. I could not sleep that night, I was thinking if Tala had eaten, if she had a nice rug to sleep on. I was restless. 

The following day, I called your Kuya again and asked him to go around the subdivision and bring Oreo with him. They did and they just go home when Oreo can no longer take the heat of the concrete roads. I was starting to get hopeless. What if someone had picked her up and kept her for themselves? What if she got ran over by cars? What if I don't find her? What if she never comes back? 

By noon, we got ready to go home and I told myself I am gonna find her. While en route to Taguig, I was praying and hoping that I could see her somewhere on the road, sniffing her way home. It was only a 30 min drive to our home but it seems like a long trip. 

When we got home, I immediately got Oreo ready for a walk. We are going to find Tala. We searched every street in our subdivision with Oreo in tow and with your sisters shouting "Tala" while shaking your biscuits pack. You are ecstatic whenever you hear the sound of the pack shaking because you know you are gonna have a treat. We walked for almost an hour. Until we got to the last street that we have never been to. Just the same, we asked the people if they had seen her. Negative. 

It was the last street and still there were no signs of Tala. Your Kuya Karlo said, "Parang narinig ko si Tala dun sa malaking bahay". I asked where. He pointed to a big house with a man looking over the terrace. We turned back. I asked your sisters to shout louder so Tala could hear them. Then a young lady yelled, "Wait, your dog is here!" I was like, "Where?" And she pointed to a man going down the stairs. Then I saw her, my Tala carried by the man in muscle shirt. Your sisters shrieked with happiness. I got her, hugged and kissed her and thanked them endlessly. He said he saw her wandering at dawn so he picked her up and brought her home for safekeeping. The search has come to an end. Thank God! 

Everyone whom we've asked earlier saw us with Tala and they were happy we found her. I thanked the people who prayed that I found her. I knew it, I was going to find her! 

I got her water and her biscuit when we got home and talked to her to not leave the house again. She was aloof on the first few hours, just hiding in her fave place, under the bed. She was probably stressed from being away from me. 

Today, Tala is back to her makulit self, running here and there, playing with Oreo nonstop. I don't know what happened out there but she now does not want to leave the house unless I carry her out. Next week, I am going to get her groomed again because her facial hairs are already touching her eyes. 

You know what, Fordy? While I was looking for her, I asked you to bring me to where she is. And I think you did! Before we went to the last street, I was thinking of going home because we were walking around for more than hour already. But something in me said, "Don't lose hope, walk some more." I know it's you Bubut. Thank you for helping me find Tala. 

By the way, it's the 28th tomorrow. You would have been 1 year 3 months, walking, running and fumbling around. But I know you do, up there in heaven. 

I miss you, Fordy. I love you! 

Love forever,