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Fordy Gives Back Yr 1 with Karinderia ni Mang Urot

Dear Fordy, 

It has been a long time since I wrote to you. Mommy has been very busy with your first birthday and a lot of things has been going on at work. So pardon me, I will be very talkative this time haha! 

Last week was your first. As planned, we spent it with the homeless somewhere along Quezon Avenue, in coordination with Mr. Benjie Abad of Karinderia ni Mang Urot. For a month, I have been shopping for goodies, running here and there to get donations from our friends. It is my first time to mount this kind of event so sometimes I am clueless on what to do next. 

On the day itself and hours before the event, the sun was scorching hot we were worrying the pancit will get spoiled but come evening the rain pour like crazy haha!  Thank God, the guard at the nearby Banco De Oro branch allowed us to transfer so we won't get wet. Another angel like you baby! 

Contrary to a birthday with spaghetti and ice cream, we had pancit and dinuguan for them. The food was for 100 and only 70 came so there were a lot for them. Next time, I will have ice cream in cup. I'd love to see the kids enjoy it! 

Here are some photos of your first birthday, Fordy. Your sisters enjoyed, all the kids did! 

We got goodies from my favorite place on earth, Divisoria. It was a wrong move thought that we went there on a Sunday when most of the stalls are closed. We ended up shopping at Divisoria Mall. 

Your Mama'la and Tita Mhel helped in repacking while your Kuya Macu ate some of the candies! 

Here are some of the goodies too: 

And here are some of the snapshots of the event: 

There were about 70 people who came and we are glad that we were able to put smiles on their faces even just for a short time. It feels good that we were able to help in our own little way. Your dad and I are planning to hold this twice a year, every last Sunday of August and 2nd Sunday of February. Time to save some more! 

I would like to thank our friends who whole-heartedly shared their blessings for your birthday, tell Papa Jesus to shower them with blessings. 

Tita Kat Gonzales and family
Tita Karrie Ann Bostre and family
Tita Jen
Tita Stef Hann
Tita Bujoy De Castro
Benolirao Family
Tanang Family
Creencia Family
Sigue Family
Delos Santos family
Lopez Family
Tita Joy's friends 
Tita Marj and our KaDreamers Taguig family
Tita Herschelle and Rio 
Karinderia ni Mang Urot 
Daisee's Bakeshop 
To all my Human Nature customers (the profit went to this event)
To all the stalls in Divisoria Mall who gave me discount

A lot of my friends already shared their intention to join the next one. It will be another happy event I am sure! 

By the way, Facebook has been sharing your photos in my timeline. It's bittersweet remembering those times when I first held you in my arms. It makes me miss you more, my bubut! 

I love you my dear Fordy, guide us all the time please. God knows the desires of my heart and that includes that you forever be happy in His arms. 

Happy 1st birthday my baby bubut!!! 

Love you forever, 

Daisee's Bakeshop