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#FangirlDiaries: One Fine Day with KATHNIEL


Dear Fordy, 

Last Sunday was just an ordinary day. I woke up at 3am, from a 14 hour sleep. Yes, Fordy, I slept for 14 hours. Slumped my dead tired body on the bed after coming home from work last Saturday and I slept like a baby. Isn't that amazing? 

So I woke up that early and your Dad and I decided to go for a morning drive and to grab breakfast because the last time I ate was Friday midnight. After an hour of driving and a few "uphill driving" lessons with your dad (I suck at uphill driving), we decided to have breakfast at Chowking C5 Waterfun. I had a bowl of wonton mami, beef siomai and an asado siopao. Just like what the Chinese do, I finished my bowl as quick as I can, while the soup was hot. And as usual, your Dad took forever to eat. While waiting for him, I took a photo of the dirty food tray and tweeted @ChowkingPH. I asked them if they have plans of replacing their food trays as it is not pleasing to the diners. It was not the first time we saw such, had seen the same at Chowking Olivarez-Tagaytay and Chowking-NLEX. Anyway, they responded to me and apologized. 

We got home at almost 6am and I decided I would sleep again. I was such a lazy ass that day. Then I remember, I am going to do wardrobe shopping at Crossings Quezon Ave and will drop off a sack of rice at Mang Urot's Headquarters. So I dragged myself to the bathroom and told myself to move my lazy ass off. 

I met your Tita Kat at SM Hypermarket for the rice donation for your event. My friends have golden hearts baby! It was a 5-min meet up and we quickly drove back home to prepare for your ate Bam's class. Once again, laziness hit me when I hit the couch haha! I asked your Dad if he can go to Mang Urot alone. He said, "Mommy, it's your event. Give the rice personally." So I was like, "Okay, fine." In truth, your Dad can't live without me haha! So I prepped my things, did my make up and started ironing my hair. Then, poof, brownout! I am yet done with my hair so I just pulled it off a pony tail. Gahd, this day is not so friendly, I told myself. 

We headed to West Triangle to give the rice to Mang Urot for his soup kitchen. I realized your event is coming up and I am not yet done with the preparation. Mang Urot was very thankful as he said he was running out of rice and we were just in time. After a few minutes, we headed to Abs as your ate was running late. Luckily, we made it on time. I headed to the cafeteria where we always stay and I started watching This Is Us starring Mandy Moore. Your Ninang Steph said it is good so I might as well give it a try. 

I was not yet done with the first episode when you Dad asked for help with his Excel report.  I quickly said yes. I have this thing for Excel that I'd prefer them over any other tasks haha! 

I looked at my phone and the time says 2:25. I asked your Dad to go up to get Bambam because I want to go home early. He obliged. After a few minutes, he came back and show a message from Bambam saying, "Mom, Dad, can we leave later? Teacher Julie said an artist is coming up here."  I was like, "Who? I want to go home early, I am sleepy." Then your Dad said, "She said it's KATHNIEL". My eyes grew big, I had goosebumps and couldn't believe what I heard. "Like Kath and DJ?" I asked again and your Dad said yes. I quickly closed the laptop, put it in my bag and said, "Let's go, now!" Your dad gave a big laugh haha! He just pushed my fangirl button LOL! 

At the 6th floor, the voice workshoppers including Bambam was at the hallway waiting. I was busy tinkering with my phone getting my camera ready. Thirty minutes has passed, no sign of Kathniel. I was getting impatient and asked your Dad again if it was true. Bambam said yes. A few minutes after, I heard shrieks from the kids. And there goes Kath and DJ passed by me. I was tongue-tied, star-struck. Never been this closed to them. I couldn't move and all I can hear was "Hi Daniel" and "Hi Kath". They waved at us. Oh my god, they waved at me!. Am I still alive? Am I still breathing? Where am i? Those are my thoughts. Normal fangirl reaction. I saw your ate frantically jumping in front of me asking if she can take a picture with them and I said, "Of course". We followed them to Hall 5. Their security aide politely told us to wait until they are done because they have a schedule to follow. 

Then Daniel came out of the room... it was chaotic haha! 

He willingly took picture with everyone waiting, including us: 


Your dad was quick to say "There he is, go!" Isn't your dad lovely??? He understand my blue heart haha! Daniel went back inside and said Kath will be out in a few. Bambam said she wanted a picture with Kath so we stayed. Another 30 minutes has passed and there goes the shrieks again, Kath went out finally! 

Here are the photos: 


Your dad's hands are shaking haha! 


Here he called "Bal" because she was stuck in the crowd who wanted a picture.








It as indeed a happy day. I have seen them a lot of times but it was just that day that I had the courage to ask for picture. If your Dad was not there, I doubt I would not have the courage to do so. Thanks to your ever supportive daddy, he even said, "You were this close to Daniel, why didn't you hug him?" Hahaha! I was on a high that day and I was all smiles till we got into the car. I could still not believe what happened that day. Imagine my lazy ass since I woke up and I almost did not go with them but the universe made a way. Your dad asked me, "You still want to go to Crossings?" "Of course" I said. 

And this is me when I am happy... 

Your dad had no choice but to pay for them haha! By the way, Crossings Quezon Ave is going to close down on July 15 so they are on a sale, up to 70%. I got a lot of shorts and shirts for your Dad and Kuya, dresses for your sisters and I got myself 3 sleeveless shirts and a pair of pants. I also got new plates and bowls, a cooler and a salad dressing set. I was Php7500 poorer again haha! 

Finally we capped the night off (got out of Crossings at 8pm) at Il Terraza in Tomas Morato. Your sister wanted an ice cream and I wanted chicken so we decided to dine at Bon Chon. I tried their jjampong, not good, but their strawberry cheesecake bingsu is heavenly delish! 


See how happy your ate was? We had our dream come true today, picture with Kathniel finally! Another tick off my bucket list. They were nice, all smiles and I am glad I belong to the right fandom. Daniel was so accommodating and I do not regret naming you after him. Kath was equally sweet! They were like Barbie and Ken, living dolls it is. Oh babe, they are beautiful creatures! I hope to see them around Abs-Cbn again. I am going to have more pictures with them haha! 

Anyway, this is too long now. I am going to rest in a few as I was sick yesterday. In fact, I did not got to work last night. Your dad said it may be the Kathniel fever. He bought me a lot of fruits so I had watermelon for breakfast and just veggies for dinner. And yeah, Yakult. 

I am going back to work tonight as my emails are piling up. My clients missed me. 

I will talk to you again soon, my bubut. Happy for mommy?  :) 

I miss you, my Fordy. I miss you soooo much! 

Love forever,