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#TeamLayaoEats: North Park Noodle House

Hi Fordy, 

Yesterday, we went to ABS-CBN again for your Ate Bambam's voice workshop. For the first time, Ate Xaxa joined us. Must be bored at home. Same routine, we waited till 2:30pm until your sister is done. We watched Goin'Bulilit's taping in front of the cafeteria and your Ate Xaxa was amazed at the kids of her age, acting. I asked her, "Do you want to be like them?" She just smiled that shook her head. Your sister is indeed they shy type unlike your 
Ate Bambam. 

We went up the Star Magic Hall #3 at 2:25pm and proceed to the office to submit our ID photos for the fetcher's ID. I was asked if I'd like an ID lace and i said, "Sure!". The staff said, "Php500 for 2". I was like, "What??? Php250 each???" He said yes. I handed the lace back and told him I am getting one from the bookstore. He said it's fine. Gahd, that was a total rip-off! Php250 for an ID lace?!?!

Anyway, left the compound at almost 3pm, your Dad tried to ask you for a picture and I was surprised you said yes haha! 

On our way home, we dropped by Kapitolyo to have Poppy's reserve tire fixed because the rear tire went flat and we have to change it. We spent Php1000 to have the stuck nails removed. Four of them! We should have brought a new one instead. Your Kuya Karlo was already at the Executive Optical in Market! Market! waiting for us. 

We arrived there at 5pm. Deals at Executive Optical were not that good so we went to Sarabia Optical instead. We got a glass for your Kuya and Dad at Php1,285 each. Not bad. We headed to North Park for dinner. I was not able to bring you even once to your sisters' favorite spot. When we ask them where to eat, they would answer in unison, "North Park!". We do not have a choice. Your Kuya also wanted something heavy so, North Park it is. 

Chow mien

We have been eating at North Park for years but this is the first time we tried their fried noodles. Nothing special. Tastes like regular pancit canton to me. 

North Park Ultimate Noodles

The Ultimate noodles is our must eat at North Park. It has beef, pork, seafood and vegetables. All in one! Your sisters love the mushrooms!

Sharksfin Dumpling

Every North Park trip will not be complete without sharksfin dumpling for Ate Xaxa, this is her favorite! 

lechon macau

Lechon Macau is your Dad's favorite. I do not like the sauce, though. 

yang chow

And since your Kuya requested for rice, (we don't eat rice when we eat here), we got a plate of Yang Chow. Serving is good enough for 4. 

After filling our tummies, we went to do grocery shopping for your Kuya's small feast for his 18th birthday. I am going to cook YuXiang Eggplant with Minced Pork in Dry Noodles. Sounds familiar, Fordy? That is the one we had at Khanzu! I am going to take a shot at cooking my version. Wish me luck! 

I am about to cook in bit. I did not go with your Dad and Ate to ABS-CBN for his Sunday workshop because I will cook and I want to have plenty of time. 

I can smell the biko your Yaya Cel is cooking, smells good, my bubut! That is one of her specialty and she really does it well. 

Update on Fordy Gives Back: Tito Marky is joining us on that date!  

I will talk to you later baby love. I know you saw me crying earlier, I just miss you. It is the time of the month when you just cross my mind and I become extra sad. This too shall pass, don't mind me. 

I love you, Fordy. I love you so much. 

Love forever,