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#TeamLayaoEats: Laksa King PH

Laksa King

Dear Fordy,

Last Saturday, we had to go back to Toyota Quezon Ave to get your Dad's driver's license. He forgot to get it back from the insurance coordinator so we had to clock out early. We got there at 11:00 am, he got the license and we drove back to Taguig as we have an appointment for facial session in Uptown BGC. 

We traversed Ortigas Ave to EDSA and on the way he saw Laksa King Ph. He asked me if I want to try it. I gave him an is-that-even-a-question look. Fordy, laksa is my favorite. Like I can eat it everyday! 

We pulled over in their parking area. The store is not that big. There are a number of restaurants in the area too but this caught our eye. It's laksa time, baby! No one was inside and the lady crews greeted us immediately. It's not a fancy restaurant. Our pantry furnitures are even better. But the hell I care, I came there for the laksa haha! 

I asked for the bestseller and the lady said it's the seafood laksa, I asked for a bowl. She said it was good for sharing. I also got shark's fin dumplings (which does not taste like shark's fin), sizzling sisig and a wintermelon tea for me. Your dad got a Hongkong milk tea. The price is quite reasonable because the bowl of laksa was really huge plus they have unlimited refill of laksa soup. Baby, that is the best thing about that restaurant, unlimited soup

I enjoyed the food, I was so full I told your Dad I can feel the soup swirling in my tummy. I was not moving while on the trip haha! 

laksa king price list

laksa king price list

laksa king

 The mirror makes the area look bigger, but it actually is a small place. I have not seen the second floor though. 

laksa king

laksa king

The shark's fin that doesn't taste like shark's fin, sorry, too much extenders.

laksa king

Wintermelon tea is loooooovvvvveeeeeeee! Although I hope I was able to say "0 sugar please" like I do in Gong Cha. 

The sisig is kind of salty. And I hope it's crunchy. I only got a spoonful, your dad ate everything. 

Bowl of heaven! It's yummy, Fordy. The soup can be refilled too! I had them refill mine twice. 

That laksa food trip turned out well, it costed us Php 835. Not bad, we had the half of the that laksa taken out. We will be back but I am not getting another serving of their shark's fin dumpling and sisig. I might try the chami next time. I asked them if they have another branch but there is none. So I will have to drive for an hour, traffic included, to have another bowl. 

Anyway, as I am writing this, they are all asleep. I have to wait for one more hour before I can sleep because I ate a bowl of goto. If you are here, I might wake you up and play with you and then I will trace your face with my fingers until I fall asleep? Did you know that, that was my favorite thing to do? I traced your face with my fingers all the time, my favorite spot was your nose and your chin, those are like mine. You got your Dad's eyes and his lashes too. 

Good night, Fordy. See you in my sleep? Please?

I miss you, bubut!

Love forever, 

Laksa King PH
56 Granada St, Quezon City, Philippines
Phone number: 02-6313927
Store hours: 10:30am to 10:30pm