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Dear Fordy, 

Last week was really a hectic one. Every day was errand day. Toyota for the car insurance, grocery shopping, shopping for your sister's school needs and LTO for my license. I would be so lucky if I can have 6 hours of sleep a day. I know, I know, it's freakin' bad. I'll make sure to get more sleep this week and moving forward. 

Last Friday, as we were looking for a branch of PS Bank, the navigation brought us to Robinson's Magnolia, only to find out that there in only a PS Bank atm there, no bank haha! And since we only had 5 minutes left before the end of banking hours, we decided to just have an early dinner. We still have to travel back home and we have work at 10pm. It was already 4pm and my tummy was already grumbling so we decided to eat. 

We walked around the mall and couldn't find of a place we both like. Max's? NO. Seafood Island? NO. Pepper Lunch. Your dad said, NOT TODAY. Okay. Then, light bulb! "I have free Bonchon meals!", your Dad said. I was like, FREE??? 

RCBC Promo

So, your Dad brought out charge slips of Php5000+ each and showed it to the cashier. And I was asked which I liked. Nice! I got the Bibimbowl and your dad got the Chops Boxed meal. They come with drinks too! And the best part was we paid with the charge slips! 

Since your Dad did not spend a cent, I asked for for bulgogi soup and bingsu. Haven't tried it and the best time was that day because I was sweating from the humidity. I got matcha flavor and your Dad got the strawberry cheesecake. The serving was huge, worth every peso. 

Bonchon Bibimbowl Original Chicken Flavor

Beef Bulgogi
Bonchon Beef Bulgogi

Green Tea Bingsu
Bonchon Green Tea Bingsu

Bonchon Strawberry Cheesecake Bingsu

Your Dad dug into the chops right away so I wasn't able to take a picture. The Green Tea bingsu was the best, Fordy, except that I had to remove the mung beans because I cannot eat any type of beans. Blame it on uric acid. The strawberry cheesecake bingsu is too sweet for me, not my type. The beef bulgogi soup did not disappoint, as usual, it is one of my favorite to buy in Bonchon. 

We ended that day with tummies full and wallet still intact. Great treats from RCBC indeed! Well, your Dad is a very good client so he deserves the freebies. We got another charge slip with Php5000 the other day but he chose to redeem a 6-pack of Kitkat. Isn't that great? Freebies after freebies! 

To be honest, among his cards, RCBC is your Dad's favorite to use because it is the only one which has great deals on installments and rebates. And it is the perfect card because your Dad uses cards for the points and freebies. Wise, indeed. I wish I can be that wise too haha! I am a big spender so your Dad monitors my card usage. I am going to be spanked if I buy something I do not need. 

Anyway, it's a Sunday. We just got back from your Ate Bam's workshop. Your Dad just dropped us off because he has a dinner with their clients. Your sisters are beside me, ate Xaxa is playing her favorite mobile game and your ate Bambam is rehearsing a song. Your Kuya Karlo is in the room, as usual, in his bed. 

Update on your birthday event: We got pledges for 3 sacks of rice! Great! I don't know how I'll bring them to Mang Urot though haha! A high school classmate will give out toys and I will just pick them up a week may be before your event. I am excited, Fordy. I think your birthday will be a blast. Can you ask Papa Jesus for a perfect weather on that date? 

We miss you, baby! You are always in my prayers. 

Love you forever,