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#TeamLayaoTravels: Splash Mountain Resorts and Hotel

Splash Mountain Resorts and Hotel

Dear Fordy,

Last Saturday we went to Los Banos, Laguna to celebrate your sister's birthday. Since their birthdays are just 9 days apart, we always have joint celebration for them. This year, your Dad decided to have it in Splash Mountain Resorts and Hotel in Los Banos. We bought 40 Metrodeal vouchers for the guests and book an overnight stay for us. Ate Bambam has turned 10 last May 8 and your Ate Xaxa will turn 7 tomorrow. We tried looking for a private resort to hold it but we could not get an affordable place because it is peak season. 

We left Manila at 12noon, it was almost 40 degrees in Manila and we wish we could dip in the pool that soon. We took SLEX from C5, exited Turbina and headed to Manila S Rd for another 10 minute drive to the resort. On the way, we bought some inflatables that your sisters could use. Ate Xaxa got a Minion designed ring and Ate Bambam, as usual, got a Disney princess designed one. 

We got there at 1:45pm, just in time for the 2pm check in. Your sisters were so excited! 

Splash Mountain Resorts and Hotels

Splash Mountain Resorts and Hotels

Ate Bambam and Ate Xaxa while waiting for Daddy to finish checking in.

The check-in process was a breeze because I already did a reservation 2 weeks before. Normally,  they require bank deposit of 50% for the reservation to be completed but since I have 40 Metrodeal vouchers that were paid for, they allowed me to pay thru a credit card on the day of the accomodation. Thanks to Rosanna and Agatha, the friendliest booking agents I dealt with! We got a family room for 4 and paid additional Php150 for 1 (your Ate Xaxa). Nope, no breakfast included. The room is Php 3500, with TV (which channel can't be changed so I had to endure that GMA7 weekend show while blowing balloons). No fridge too, but there are water dispensers at the hallway for cold and hot water. 

Here is our view from the hallway. Your sisters shrieked at the sight of the pools! 

Splash Mountain Resorts and Hotel

They were too busy to help me unpack. 

The room is nice and clean, especially the bathroom, which is the first thing I look at in a hotel room.  There are towels and soap, no slippers and shampoo. Well, I brought some so not a big deal. 

We left them at the hotel to get some groceries at SM Sta. Rosa, yes Fordy, that far, because we brought the groceries to Ate Cel's home because she will cook the food for the party. We went back to the hotel at around 7pm. Laguna traffic sucks! 

We capped the night by swimming at the hot pool but I was not able to enjoy because the water was already dirty. I asked one lifeguard if they had changed the water and he said they had not since morning because the guests are coming non-stop. He said the only pools that they can change the water is in the Giant Slide area because it only operates from 8am to 5pm. I went to the reception and talked to Agatha (who I think did a double shift) and told her how disappointed I am that they seem not concerned about hygiene. I pointed to their displayed trophies that says "Cleanest Resort Chuchu" and told her that if they cannot guarantee that they will change water in the morning before my guests arrive, they might as well have me refunded and I will transfer to another resort. They promised me they will although I doubted it. I also transferred my reserved cottage from the Splash Mountain Resort to the Giant Slides.

Anyway, our guests and your sisters and kuya super enjoyed the pool party and they asked for us to come back. Why not? But I will try Splash Oasis or Splash Suites next time. 

These cakes were from Tita Shine. They are yummy, Fordy! You will surely like it if you are here. 

Mothy's Lechon Cebu and Meatshop

                       The lechon is from Mothy's Lechon Cebu and Meatshop in Los Banos. 

I don't think that is 35kgs though. And they delivered an hour late. But it's yummy, no sauce needed. I  just don't think I will order again unless they can deliver on time. Minutes late is fine but an hour or so?? NO. Also I had instructed them to bring a butcher's knife because we do not have any, but they did not so I had to use a kitchen knife to chop it. Took me too long, believe me! 

Photo not mine: I tried that white slide, Fordy, and it was superb haha! 

Photo not mine:  I tried that yellow slide and I got stuck in the middle haha! And your
Ate Bambam was so brave to try that orange slide! It was scary! 

Photo not mine: Best slide, baby! BEST!!! 

I wasn't able to take pictures of the resort because I was too busy running here and there for the food, guests and everything. I was a supermom that day Fordy, but I found a video on Youtube! 


We left the resort at almost 6pm. Glad everybody enjoyed the day. It was a weekend well spent indeed. Seeing your sisters' tan lines showed they really enjoyed and your dad and I were happy we put smiles on their faces again. 

I would love to plan your first birthday, Fordy. Probably a Wild Wild West theme. You will be dressed as a cowboy. I will buy a cowboy's hat and a toy gun haha! Oh well, not gonna happen. I am sure Papa Jesus will throw a birthday for you up in heaven, with balloons and cake too! 

I miss you, Fordy. Always. 

Love forever, 

P.S. Here are some links and contact numbers:

Phone Number: 0917-583 2993 (Look for Rosanna or Agatha) 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SplashMountainResortAndHotel/
Address: KM 58, Brgy Lalakay, Los Banos, Laguna
Book a room thru their website or via Agoda

Visit Metrodeal for vouchers!!! 

Mothy's Lechon Cebu and Meatshop
Phone Number: 0917-5340557 and 09288592419 (Look for Kuya James) 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MothysLechonCebu/
Address: 12553 C. Lajarca St, Mayondon, Los Banos Laguna