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Say what, Mom???

say what

Dear Fordy,

It's been a week. Mommy is so busy, baby. Been running here and there running errands and fixing some things for the car insurance claim. 

Yesterday, after the Wednesday mass at SM Aura, we went to The Medical City in Market! Market! Your Ate Xaxa had been complaining of ear ache after our swimming and I was thinking her ear wax had expanded. She had an impacted ear wax and I had to set an appointment with an EENT to have it taken out. 

Ate Bambam went first, she was a very brave girl. Dra. Villanueva was extra careful while doing the procedure. It went on like a breeze, no tears. Now here comes your Ate Xaxa. She was leaning on your daddy's hands while I was holding her hands telling her to squeeze it if it hurts. Knowing Xaxa, being uncomfortable hurts and she will cry at the slight thug and pull. The doctor cleaned her right ear that quick while she had difficulty cleaning the left ear because she was already crying. I can tell she was just scared of the tools in front of her. The doctor was very worried about her and I told her she is okay. After a few minutes of hush, hugs and tears, it was over. We were told to go back after six months for the next cleaning. 

I was reminded not to clean them with cotton buds, like your Daddy does. Stubborn, he is. Dra. Villanueva said they know if we have been using Qtips, bobby pins or anything to take out the earwax. How? The wax only develop on the outer part of the canal so when they see that it's been pushed inward, it means we used something, cotton buds for example. And that is not very good as when the wax is pushed to the inner canal, infection may occur. I did not know what baby! 

Today, your Ate Xaxa's hearing becomes clearer. Gone are the "say what, Mom?", "I can't hear you", "Are you calling me, Mom?". She now looks at me at my first call. Good job! Your Ate Bambam on the other hand can hear me clearly but she has this habit of saying, "Wait lang".  Very busy, Ate Bambam?  

Anyway, it is almost weekend. I cant wait. We are getting the car that your Dad got me. Yay! I named it Poppy, from Anna Kendrick's character in the movie Trolls. She is your Ate Xaxa's favorite. Your dad's car is Gummy Bear, Joaquin's pet name in the series Got to Believe. Daniel Padilla played Joaquin Manansala and you know why I named it after him. *Wink*

I will be sleeping in a bit, baby. I miss you, you know that, right? Yesterday, I thank God because I know you are in His lap, playing and giggling and watching over me. I love you, anak. Mommy misses you so much! 

Love forever,