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One Fine Saturday with SineShelter

 Dear Fordy,

I woke up a little early today and got my laptop on to check Twitter and Viber as my phone died due to tons of notifications. Then I realized, it has been weeks since I last wrote to you. 

Let's start with the block screening we attended last April 22 at Uptown BGC. It was a screening for Kathniel's latest blockbuster movie, Can't Help Falling In Love organized by my Twitter friends collectively known as Sine Shelter. Why Shelter? Ask Madam Claudia haha! 

The screening was at 5pm so we left at 4:00pm hoping we could grab a bite before the movie. But man, a marathon on the 7th street held us up so we came right in time, 4:59pm. Glad Uptown cinema has unlimited popcorn, it eased the starvation haha! You know Mommy, Fordy. I cannot NOT eat lol! 

It was my third time watching the movie, second time with your dad and first time with Kuya Karlo and Ate Bambam. Throughout the movie, I can hear your ate shriek and I can see kuya smile for each scene with Gab and Dos. The movie by the way is about Gab who is an almost perfect career woman and a happy-go-lucky adventure enthusiast, Dos Gonzales. The crazy story started when Gab got engaged to Jason then learned she was married to Dos. It was a light feel good movie and we were just laughing and crying (while laughing) all throughout the movie. And of course when you are in a block screening, all hell breaks loose at every Daniel and Kathryn's scene! Fordy, believe me, I did not care if your Kuya and Daddy were with me, me and Bambam were just looneys hahaha! 

Aside from the happiness brought by watching the movie again, it felt good I got to see my Sine Shelter friends again. There are a few that i talked to in Twitter but the only faces I remember were that of Tita Emy, Tita Kaye and Tita Jess. We always see each other in cinemas where the lights are off and I am not good at remembering faces but names, I am a master. But i love them all, i got to know some more on that day. 

I am happy that your Dad allows me times like these, when I feel like 16, screaming and shouting, hands and feet up in the air because I cannot contain the "kilig". Your dad is the most supportive husband ever, Fordy. I know you would have grown up like him. 

Shelter Sine Block Screening Invite

with the Shelter girls

Then, we headed to the upper deck of Uptown BGC and grabbed some burritos and chicken fajitas at Moe's. The food is good but there are flies hovering us so no, no chance of going back. 

Moe's Burrito and Quesadillas

We had a great night out. Happy hearts, happy tummies. It was a weekend well spent. If you were with us baby, we could have dropped by Kidzoona so we can play with some balls and do jumping jacks on the inflatables. Your Ate Xaxa was not with us by the way, she was with Nangnang Hannah in Antipolo getting some goodies from Hongkong from Ninong Aiah and Kuya LA. 

Anyway, I was just done with breakfast as I finished this. In a few, I will be cooking chicken wings, your sisters' favorite and would have been your favorite too because Mommy cooks the best chicken wings in town... says your Dad haha! 

I have another letter for you Fordy. Wait, I will just take a shower because it is freaking 34 degrees Celsius here. 

Miss you, butbut!

Love forever,