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Manila Bankers Promo: Legit or Scam?

Manila Bankers Promo

Dear Fordy,

Your dad and I have been thru a lot of stressful things since you've gone up to heaven. The sadness of missing you, stress at work etc. We have been to a few spa sessions but it seems not enough. So when someone called me telling me I won a spa package for two, I was excited. But wait, something's wrong... 

Last week, while we were on our way to the bank, someone called me telling me I won a spa and wellness package for two from Manila Bankers. Wow! Just in time as your dad and I was just talking about getting another Metrodeal spa voucher! The lady said it is Manila Banker's 50th anniversary and they are giving spa packages away for having a Visa or Mastercard. Really? I asked her how she got my name and number and she said they have partnered with my bank and so my name was included. Wait! So they know where I am banking? During this time, we were at the parking area of our bank because we are going to make a deposit. 

I told your dad I am smelling a scam and I that I will follow him inside, I will just play a little with the woman on the phone haha! So I let her talk, said the gift certificate is worth Php 10, 280. That is too much for a spa package! She said I can only claim it that afternoon or else it will be forfeited. I was like, that fast??? I asked how how I can get it and she gave a Makati address. I know the place, it is beside my previous workplace in Makati. Then she asked me if I have a credit card. Ding! If I won because I have a Visa or Mastercard, why is she asking if I have one? She said she just wanted to confirm if what I have is a Visa or a Mastercard. Fine. I said I have both. She asked me to bring it with me to confirm. Ding again! I won, you called me, meaning you confirmed by the raffle that I have one so why would I bring it with me? At this point I was just playing along so I was just letting her talk. She asked me one more time if I can drop by their office that afternoon and I said I will try. I told her too I was in my bank and I am going to confirm if they had partnered with them. Then she immediately said bye haha! 

I immediately searched the net and I knew it! Here is what I found: (I will only post 2 but there is a lot!)

After reading the articles and posts about this call and text scams, I found out that they ask their "winners" to present their credit cards or atm cards to check if they are valid or active. Turned out they will swipe it and you will only be told after. Remember the Aowa and Family First marketing scheme? It is pretty much how they work. You will be left with a hefty amount charged to your card and you will get through all the hassles of disputing and canceling it. 

I searched for Manila Bankers Life Insurance too and it is a legit company. I just don't know why their telemarketers/sales people will resort to this scrupulous ways of getting sales. I am a sales person myself and I cannot think of scamming clients just to close a sale. 

Your dad and I was just laughing when I told him what happened. These people, tsk tsk, I know it's hard to earn money but scheming is just a no no haha! With the power of internet these days, I don't know if they can still fool people in their trap. 

I am still in search of an affordable spa package but Im not getting that offer even if it's worth Php10k haha!  

Last night, your dad is watching your videos again, probably to take some stress off. He watched those videos where you are jumping and laughing. We miss you so much baby! I miss pinching your cheeks! 

I am going to have my lunch now. I haven't eaten in 2 days because of stomach flu. I am still kind of feverish. I am currently living on bananas and chicken broth. Pray for me to get well soon, my bubut!

Love forever,