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Dreaming Big with Star Magic

Dear Fordy,

Last April 23, we went to ABS-CBN to take a shot at fulfilling your Ate Bambam's dream, to become a singer. You know she can sing, she used to sing until you fall asleep. Remember the Disney songs she sang to you? She sings at school programs, at videoke sessions, in the bathroom where she takes almost one hour to bathe. She also wants to join Tawag ng Tanghalan but I think, even if she knows how to sing, she is not yet ready. So we decided to enroll her to Star Magic Voice Workshop.

Registration is from 8am - 5pm and we got there at 7:45am, just in time for the stamp. There was no long queue as the guards said the bulk of registrants came the previous day. Lucky us!

We waited an hour though for the registration itself. Ate Bambam was #5 in the Kids Voice. Most of the registrants are in the acting line. I think I saw a child star of Goin' Bulilit too. After an hour and a burger, we were lead to the 6th floor where we were asked to fill out the form and wait till we are called to the Hall #1.

Ate Bambam making friends

The registration was a breeze. We were asked to choose schedules, rules and regulations were read then done!

We were out of the building by 11am and I can see Ate Bambam's happiness as she look at the confirmation stub. Her workshop starts on June 10 till August where they will have a recital. Are you excited for Ate, Fordy? Mommy too! This has always been my dream and I will make ate's dream come true since mine did not. Your ate is going to be a big star! 

Anyway, we are prepping for Ate Ynah's birthday right now and they are all waiting for me haha! So laters baby! I will write you another letter tonight. 

I miss you, bubut!

Love forever,