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Nature Trip: Pasong Kawayan River, Batangas

Dear Fordy,

Since we started working, we are used to spending the Holy Week at home. Sleeping. Eating. Fighting boredom. But this year, it is different. It was supposed to be your first Holy Week. Your first Easter Sunday. Your first time hunting for eggs. Are there Easter eggs in heaven, baby?

So, your Dad and I made sure we have approved leaves so we can leave early for Batangas. It is my hometown and it's been ages since I last spent Holy Week there. Friday morning, your Titos had been sending me photos already of them in Baklas river. They were trekking for about 30 minutes and kept asking me what time we were going there. Ugh, I was still at work when they sent me this:

Isn't that gorgeous? I suddenly felt the urge to like go home that fast. But, your dad, being your dad, clocked out at 11am and we still had to have the car washed so to make it short, we left Manila at 2:30pm.

The trip was smooth. We took Cavitex, then Tanza - Trece Martirez, Indang, Mendez and then Tagaytay at 4pm. That quick! We avoided the traffic in Tagaytay so by 4:30pm, we were in Banilad, Nasugbu. They were still in Baklas and it will make no sense following because by that time, they may be going home already. And I was right! A little before 5PM, they were already home, exhausted haha! Your Mama'la said going uphill was a level 99 difficulty and they had a few stops because she needed to catch her breathe. Oh, I am glad I did not go with them haha!

We spent the first night eating, chatting and playing tong-its. Haay Fordy, Mommy lost Php500 to Tito Balot and Lola Ichu! That was not cool haha! We slept early because your Mama'la is going back to Manila in the morning. Killjoy grandma haha!

Saturday. After your Titos and Mama'la left off for Manila, we prepared for Pasong Kawayan river. It is the river next to Baklas, only, it has an easier way. No level 99 uphill trek! So we went to Nasugbu town proper first to buy some things we need. We got chips and juice, a pair of slippers for me, dinner food because your ate Xaxa asked for pork so I bought liempo. I also bought "Kapeng Barako" for the officemates. We like brewed coffee.

After lunch, I played cards with Lola Bebe and Lola Ichu again while waiting for 3pm. Pasong Kawayan, being more accessible, has bigger crowd so we would want to wait and let them go home before we go. I played with your Tito Ramil's baby too who is a month younger than you are and I remember you. Again, I did not cry, baby. You proud of Mommy, bubut?

We headed for Pasong Kawayan at a lil past 3pm. It was a 5 minute drive. When we got there, there was only 1 group left and they were preparing to leave. Yay for us, we get to have the place all for ourselves. Your sister and your cousin, KD, were so excited to find their spot while I was busy taking photos and videos!

Nature is love! 

Who wouldn't fall in love with this?  

The water is clear and cold. Perfect for relaxing while you scrub your legs with one of those stones! 

Here are your big sissies looking for their spot.

... and your Dad testing the waters. 

See the happiness in Kuya KD and your ates? Legit, baby! 

And who says only kids can enjoy? Here is your Tita Sae and Lola Ichu.

And your sisters with Daddy. 

Your Kuya is as usual, camera shy. He was with me all the time, we were with the chips and juice haha! 

We went home at past 6pm. 2 hours was enough to wade and dip in the cold water. The kids enjoyed and so did us! Your sisters asked if we can go back and they won't stop until I say Yes so I did. 

Well, we were not able to go back the following day because it was raining so your Tita Sae put up a big swimming pool for you while we went to Dayap, Nasugbu to have our tummies filled at a fiesta. 

There is always a way haha! 

My mermaids and Kuya KD

We left Batangas at 5PM on a Sunday. Your ates were sad to leave but we have to because your Dad and I has to work. It was indeed a weekend well-spent. We all enjoyed and we did not even have to spend so much! I promised them we are going back for their birthdays. Which I don't how I'll fulfill because we are booked at Splash Mountain in Laguna on those days. I have to find a way haha! 

You would have enjoyed this trip Fordy being the water lover that you are. It would have been better if you were with us. Oppps, I am starting to get teary-eyed again. 

Till my next story, baby. I love you and I miss you! 

Love forever, 


  1. Hi! May I ask where exactly in Pasong Kawayan is this? :) Would love to visit it too sometime.

    1. It's at the back of Hardin sa Tabing Ilog Resort Camp.

  2. Hi! Nice post. I was wondering where exactly in Pasong Kawayan is this? ��


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