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In my nook: Homemade Avocado Ice Cream

Dear Fordy,

Your dad and I are a big fan of ice cream. Like I can finish a pint in one sitting or while in the car on the way home. My favorite is mango, because is what your Papalo used to buy me when I am sick. Mango ice cream makes the world a better place when I am sick.

Recently your Tito Balot taught me how to make a homemade ice cream without the use of an ice cream maker. Yes, Fordy! Homemade. He made us cookies and cream, tiramisu and cheese flavored ice cream. And it was good!

Last Sunday, we dropped by a fruit stand in Banilad to buy some sweet corn for your sisters and Kuya. I saw the ripe avocado, it is your Dad's favorite. So I bought a kilo and come Monday, I decided to make avocado ice cream.

It has to be frozen overnight so when we got home this afternoon, it was ready!!!

Homemade Avocado Ice Cream

The color is beautiful and it's perfectly creamy! How did I do it?

I whipped 4 packs of all purpose cream until it forms soft peaks. For an easy to whip cream, I put the packs in the fridge overnight. When the peaks no longer fall, I fold in a can of condensed milk and whip again until it's super creamy. I have a hand mixer that your dad bought me last Christmas but it's easier and better if I use a stand mixer which, I do not have haha! Anyway, this is the ice cream base. We can mix whatever we want. Since this is for your dad, I used the avocado, 3 ripe ones. Next time I will try mango, or strawberry or coffee. 

We will never buy ice cream again, Fordy! I hope you are here to have a taste of Mommy's ice cream. You know, I might just sell it and call it Fordy's Cooler haha! Nice name, baby? 

Anyway, I am off to zzzz land. We just came home from the cinema. We watched Can't Help Falling In Love. That explains why I have been smiling the whole time. I will tell you about it tomorrow, promise! 

Talk to you tomorrow, my bubut! 

Love forever,