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I feel the earth moved...

Dear Fordy,

Last night, I was awaken by my Messenger continuously beeping. It was your Tito Balot asking if we are okay. He asked if we felt the ground shook. I was asleep how would I know? Your Ate Bambam said they did not feel it too. I was scared, we lived near the West Valley Fault, like meters away.

The 5.4 magnitude earthquake originated in Tingloy, Batangas at 8:58pm. My Facebook feed suddenly got flooded by my relatives' posts about the earthquake, them asking for prayers from the netizens as the aftershocks were continuous. Batangas has declared state of calamity and I hope they get okay soon. Is the Big One indeed coming? No one knows.

But Fordy, please guide and watch over us, please?

In a year or two, we will be moving to Tanza and I will no longer fear for our safety. Hopefully, by September, I can get the blueprint of the house and have an architect create the design for me. You excited, baby? Me too!

Anyway, it is the first Wednesday of the month but I did not go to the novena because I had to go home early. Yaya Cel is not here and I have to cook for your kuya and ate.

Well, I hope there will be no more earthquake. Lord, please?

I miss you, bubut!

Love forever,