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Funday Sunday

Dear Fordy,

Yesterday, we went for a roadtrip. After dropping off Yaya Cel in Pasay at 4am, we headed to Tagaytay to try SkyRanch. We have always wanted to visit the park so your Dad bought some tickets in Metrodeal. We bought it when you were still here so I am kinda sad you were not with us.

We stopped by Chowking Silang to have breakfast. As usual, your Ate Xaxa binged on siomai and pancit. Then we headed to Our Lady of Lourdes Church to hear mass, my first time there so I made a wish. My wish was good health for us and peace for you. If you were with us baby, I knew you'd play with the baby in front of us. He was as chubby as you!

At the garden in OLLC

We arrived in Skyranch minutes after 8am. I went to the booth and bought the entrance tickets and we were told that Metrodeal vouchers are validated in front of the Sky Eye.

This is the SkyEye. You see bubut? It is kind of gloomy today. It just rained and the sky is still cloudy.

Our Metrodeal voucher included ride all you can tag for Super Vikings, Nessi Coaster (which opened after lunch), Wonder Flight, Red Baron, Flying Bus, Snail Attack (which is not open), Sky Cruiser and Mini Vikings. It also includes single ride tickets for Drop Tower and Log Coaster. We had to pay extra for the Bumper Boat tickets because it was not included. 

Volting in! 

I love bump cars but this one is not open. :( 

The SkyCruiser requires 2 in 1 ride. So I was left alone, taking photos and videos of them. 

The Nessi Coaster which opened after lunch. I thought we could enjoy it because we went there early but again, it opened after lunch when there were a lot of people already and lines are long. 

This is my favorite! Drop Tower, yeah! Our deal included single ride only but I had to buy extra tickets so I could ride twice. I tell you, bubut, this is freaking better than the Parachute Drop in Hongkong Disneyland haha! 

We paid extra for Bumper Boat too. I just hope the space is bigger. 

This Flying Bus is awesome haha! How I wish we have this in EDSA. What do you think, Fordy? 

This is the Log Coaster. It has 5 coaches with 4 seats each but they only allow 8 riders at a time. I don't know why?  Not safe to fill all 20? Maybe. 

This is the Snail Attack that is not open. 
Perfect day to view Taal Volcano. So pretty! 

We did Super Vikings  thrice Fordy and I felt sick after the third haha! My head spun and I felt like vomiting. Super Viking was cool! It was a 5 minute ride of adrenalin rush with the boat tilting to 90 degrees. Your Daddy and Ate Bambam enjoyed it! 

We did a little shopping. I bought sungka and a bull cap for me because my hair was not cooperating. If you were with me, I would have bought you colorful bonnets! 

I taught your Ate Bambam how to play sungka. 

We left Tagaytay at 5pm. There were really no rides worth repeating except for Drop Tower and Super Vikings. For me, Enchanted Kingdom is still better. The better thing when in SkyRanch is the weather. We were not sweaty! 

Today, I bought us some vouchers for swimming on your Ate Xaxa's birthday. I bought 40 and I hope they all come haha! 

I miss you again Fordy. You would have been 7 months. As I was checking on my Google Drive pictures, I saw pictures of us together. Oh, how I missed you my baby! 

You miss Mommy too?

Love forever,