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When hunger and hate collide

Dear Fordy,

Today is Wednesday. And you know that Wednesday is sacred to your dad. It is the day for the novena of Mother of Perpetual Help. Your dad has been a devotee since 2003.  Religiously, he would travel all the way to Baclaran to do the novena and attend the benediction mass every Wednesday.

But for a month now, we have been attending novena and mass in St Pedro Calungsod Chapel in SM Aura. They have it there too. It's nearer to our place, more practical.

He picked me up early so we got to SM Aura at 10:30am. Too early. Novena starts at 11:45am. I told him we can have lunch first while killing time. We decided to have my favorite laksa at Pao Tsin and my other favorite, BBQ flavored Potato Corner fries. God, I haven't eaten laksa in 2 weeks and I feel weak haha!

When I am hungry, I don't take good pics haha! 

So, we were having lunch, your dad was showing me some potential business proposals when suddenly a delivery boy pushing a cartful of stocks stopped in front of us. Here is the scenario: 

Dad: Her bag? Remove your bag from the table (he turned to me)
Me: Ah ok. (I put it in my lap and resume eating.)

Then I heard the man blabbering. Yadah, yadah, yadah. I looked at him and asked why. He wanted me to move the table so he could pass. I stopped eating, composed myself and did a check for understanding...

Me: Kuya, did you say you want me to move the table? 
Man: I need to get to the other side and the cart won't fit. 
Me: (At this point, I looked around to see if there is a hidden camera) Again kuya, did you say I have to move the table so you could pass?

And bravo, kuya had the audacity to nod and say yes hahahaha! 

OMG, Fordy. You should have seen the anger in your Dad's eyes haha! I got upset at Kuya, seriously. Never was there something like this where a customer, a dining customer is commanded. I mean, I would not mind helping but the way he talked to me was just inappropriate. He even argued with your Dad! I almost got "amalayer" my bubut. Thank goodness and I was able to compose myself. I just told myself, "I will finish this laksa, finish this sharksfin dumpling, get your name from the crew and have you reported". 

Anyway, I could tell the man was having a bad day because of sure had bad temper that time. I don't know, hunger? Tired? But is it right to vent it out on other people? I am sure this man will be suspended, or worse will be terminated when I submit the report but he has to learn. He was rude and he did not even say sorry. Oh well. I am glad I did not engage in a dirty fight with him otherwise, you won't be happy. 

No worries, Fordy, Mommy is old enough to engage in such lowly acts. I am a changed person haha! 

You proud, baby?  Me too! 

I missed you today. I saw a lot of babies in the church, they reminded me of you. 

Talk to you soon. 

Love forever,