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Starting over again

Dear Fordy,

Today is Saturday.

Usually, I am excited for this day because this is the day when I can hold you the whole day. Feed you and play with you. Also, depending on your dad's mood, we sometimes get on a road trip to Las Pinas, to Cavite or to Batangas. Oh, how you love traveling.

But I am feeling kind of sad today. After weeks of telling people I am okay, I suddenly felt empty. I exchanged phone with your dad and as I was setting it up, making your photos my home and lock screen, I felt a stab in my chest. I missed you.

It's Saturday, we could have been in Cavite today, swimming in your Lolo Ren's big pool. You could have been laughing your heart out while playing with them. But no. It is never going to happen again. Today I tweeted how sad I am and my friends sent me messages of comfort. It lessens the pain, knowing that I have friends who support and pray for me.

I guess I will never be okay, Fordy. Mommy misses you so much.

Can I have a hug, please?

I love you, bubut.



  1. When I was young, my mom told me that an angel is guiding me so I asked her what my Angel's name is and she just smiled becuase she doesn't know what name to say.

    And yoy.. your angel has a name now. Aside from Jesus, you know who's name to call whenever you're feeling sad or alone. Fordy and us are always here 😊😊

    Love, Via

    1. Thank you, Via.

      It helps to know a lot of people are praying me and Fordy.


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