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Sore Eyes and Sore Heart

Dear Fordy,

Today, I am feeling under the weather. I haven't been feeling okay since Monday morning. I am probably dehydrated again, which is not good, you know that. I will try to see a doctor tomorrow. Your dad will not be happy if he learns I am sick again. That is the only thing he asks of me, DO NOT BE SICK.

Anyway, you Ate Bam has acute conjunctivitis or what they commonly call as "sore eyes". We have been to Medical City yesterday to see an opthalmologist. Your Ate Xaxa was with us and while your Ate Bam was sick and sad in the couch, she was running all around, playing with another kids.

So, after the doctor's appointment, we went to buy new matress and sheet set for our bed. Your dad wanted a comforter with high thread count so we bought one. Thank heavens for the 30% off, it only costed Php3500.

Then here comes Ate Xaxa with her usual chant, "I am hungry, I am hungry". But again, I did not feel like eating and Ate Bam too so we only had hotdogs and takoyaki, which is my favorite. Hotdogs are love, Fordy. I am sure you will love it if you ever had one. They make the world better for your big sisters! And takoyaki, ugh, I can eat them forever next to laksa noodles.

We came home at 6pm and that is when I felt the body ache. I just waited for your dad to fix the bed and I slammed my body to the comfy sheets. I woke up at 9am, dizzy and hot. But, I have to go to work. I'll take meds don't worry.

Fordy, can you tell Papa Jesus to make me feel better?

I miss you, bubut.

Love forever,