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Our Silantro FilMex trip

Dear Fordy,

Yesterday, your dad picked me up late. I was too late for my meds so I asked him if we could grab a bite at my favorite spot, Silantro Fil-Mex. It is a Filipino Mexican fusion cuisine that boasts of big servings and their 3-kinds of dip that goes with all their food. We got the Silantro nachos (Php180), Beef Quesadillas (Php160) and their Paella Fajita Mix (Php250). I love their nachos! Your dad was like, "Babe, the paella has shrimp.", which I answered with, "Babe, it's thoroughly cooked, I am confident I will not have allergic reaction."

So same routine, your dad and I were tinkering with our phones while eating. He said he was enjoying the nachos. I could see he liked it! One thing that annoyed me was the group beside us who were so rowdy that no matter how we and the other diners stare at them, they won't just tone it down. Good thing, they were done after 30 good minutes. Yes baby, Mommy had to endure them that long.

Anyway, I bought some to-go nachos for your big sisters and big kuya and they liked it too. Your Kuya Karlo is still down with flu. He will see the doctor tomorrow , no worries. Your Ate Bambam is getting better, sore eyes no more. And your Ate Xaxa, he got the brown bags before she kissed me haha!

No photo for the quesadillas, nothing's left, no memories haha! 

One thing that your dad was happy about was that we only spent Php800 with to-go nachos included. Isn't that cheap?  Next time, I will bring your dad to Rub Steaks. 

Are you enjoying my stories, Fordy? Mommy misses you everyday. When I got into the car tonight. I saw the tapes in your photos are falling off. I am getting a double adhesive tape tomorrow. 

I love you baby, I will always do. 

Love forever,