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Official Trailer | 'Can't Help Falling In Love' | KATHNIEL

Dear Fordy,

I am nothing but excited. The official trailer for Kathniel's new movie was launched last night. I watched it like over and over again!

The story is about Gab and Dos, the accidental husband and wife. How they got married? Well that is for us to find out! Like the rest, I am wondering too haha!

Gab asked Dos, "Have you ever been loved by someone? Have you ever loved someone?" I know you did, Fordy. You loved Mommy! I did too.

On April 22, I will be attending a blocked screening by my Kathniel friends in Uptown BGC. I can't wait! But before that, I will be watching it on the opening day, probably in Tagaytay. It is opening on April 15 and I will be in Batangas by then to spend Black Saturday vacation with your titos and titas.

Oh, Fordy! I miss fangirling with you. I miss watching Kathniel videos with you, marathon of Got to Believe while feeding you. I miss you and your blue heart.

Today, we are getting ready for your Kuya Karlo's doctor's appointment in St. Clare Medical Center. The doctor is going to remove the staples in your Kuya's arms. Hopefully we start the physical therapy next week. He is getting better and I hope it continues until his arm completely heals.

I will talk to you later, Fordy. I miss you.

Love forever,