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Love Via Airmail

Dear Fordy,

As you know, Mommy works as a coordinator for nonprofit organizations in the US of A and one of my favorite organization to work with is Cure JM. It is a an organization that focuses on raising awareness and finding cure for juvenite myositis. We print flyers, posters, banners and booklets for them and my point of contact, Shannon is super duper nice!

Today, my production manager sent me a message telling me that something came in the mail today.

It's a card from my friends in Cure JM!

Thank you Shannon, Lauren, Beth and Shari. It means a lot knowing there are a lot of people who wish me well and prays for me and my emotional healing. This is indeed love via airmail!

I am so blessed, Fordy. Do you know that I only get to talk to these people via email, seldom via phone? I have great friends, right? Tell Papa Jesus to bless them and their good cause.

And yes, I am still at the office. Your dad is late again. I am hungry and sleepy. I will see and kiss you later, bubut!

Love forever,