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How fast can prayer heal me?

Dear Fordy, 

I have been to the doctor and just like your big sisters, I have tonsillitis. That explains the difficulty in swallowing. I was only able to eat like a tablespoon of rice and tiny bits of adobo. I am on co-amoxiclav again. Hopefully in two days, I will get better. 

We have been to St. Pedro Calungsod chapel in SM Aura as well. We did the novena and then heard mass after. I also scheduled a mass for you on Sunday. It is a day before your 40 days. You know, in Manila, we don’t have the “magdadasal” like they have in the province so we will just have mass for you and probably go out for lunch on that day. Your Yaya Cel will have “Padasal” for you in Mindoro. Her mother is a “magdadasal”, but I can’t bring them here so they will just do it there. 

I also realized, this is the first month of your physical body leaving me. That explains why I am extra sad today. I can’t sleep too. I don’t know if it’s the fever or the loneliness that caught me. I am staring at your photo and ashes right now. I miss your smile, i miss your giggles. I miss playing with you. It is this time of the day when Daddy would bring you into our room, you will wake me up by trampling at my tummy. Then we will play until I fall asleep again. 

Help me sleep, Fordy. I still have work tonight. My clients are already looking for me. 

Lull me to sleep, my bubut. 

Love forever,