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Beauty and the Beast and Chinese Food and Coffee

Dear Fordy,

Today, we decided to have another family day. You know, since we got Gummy Bear, we make sure we go out almost every weekend. And today, Daddy and I decided we are going to watch Beauty and the Beast. I know the fairy tale but I have never watched the old movie, I have it in my laptop though. Maybe later, I will try to watch it with Ate Bam and Ate Xaxa and see which is better.

It is almost 5pm and the movie tickets say 6:45pm so we have almost two hours to burn here at Seattle's Best. We got Javakulas and Pianini. Thanks to the buy 1 get 1 promo, your Daddy did not think twice in treating us coffee, yay!

Your sisters played at Timezone and we had a massage at the massage chair that almost never worked. Waste of Php20! I suddenly missed you. You never get the change to go with us to play your sisters' favorite arcade games. You did not get to see Ate Bam dance away to her favorite songs at Dance Dance Beat. She is a good dancer, you know. By the way, your Kuya Karlo is watching Logan by himself. He does not want to watch Beauty and the Beast with us. He is totally grown up haha!

I set up your Facebook page already. I am planning to do retail selling so I can raise funds for our outreach on your first birthday in heaven. Your daddy wants to do it in an orphanage but I want to do an outreach probably medical mission for children with congenital heart diseases like you. Which do you think is better? Either way, I know it will make you happy. And you know what, when I told Daddy about my plan, he was game and he was excited!

Next week is your 40 days up in heaven. We are having a mass for you. I miss you, baby. Do you miss Mommy too?

I love you.