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On Coffee and Stocks...

Dear Fordy,

I am here at Tully's, having my morning coffee and banana muffin while waiting for your dad. We are attending a financial seminar on trading. Yes, babe. We are getting old and we need to be financially wise. With all the mortgages, house, car, insurance, tuition fees, we have to be careful in managing our finances.

I had tried this before with Banco de Oro but I withdrew my money because I didn't have control of it. I want to try something different. So, we will try COL Financial. Your Ninong Gerald is into it and he advised me to try it as well. We will see.

Seminar is at 10am till 12noon. I might as well fill my tummy so I can digest everything. I need to take my meds too so hopefully this muffin and coffee is enough.

Pardon the photo, bubut. I was too hungry to beautify it. 

Wish us luck baby. 

I love you! 

Love forever,